What SA Rappers And Their Partners Wore At The #SAMAs25

The biggest award ceremony South African Music Awards on their 25th year took place over the weekend with a large number of attendees of fans and celebrities. As much as the day was abut appreciating the best ones in music game it seemed to be a fashion contest with people looking breathtakingly stunning.

The couples who were seen at the awards looked even great lighting up the place with some love and outfits that added salt to the wound of envy. The likes of Chad Da Don and Kelly Khumalo looked like they were there to give fashion a different meaning.

Kid X also looked he just stepped out of the GQ magazine with his beautiful fiance who sparkled in a Gold dress. The look that seemed to drive fashion lovers insane was the dress of Lootlove who was hand in hand with Reason, the couple rocked the carpet and the way Loot gave out fire on the dress she was sure to prove that being a new mom doesn’t mean you should let yourself go.

Also there was DJ Zinhle and AKA who wore black and as usual looked amazing. The pics below are just the few from the night.

Here’s What SA Rappers And Their Partners Wore At The #SAMAs25 :

What SA Rappers And Their Partners Wore At The #SAMAs25 2

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