Story: Tarasha – Season 4 – Episode 34


Dave opened his eyes and sat up, he was about to push the start button when he looked forward and noticed two people already seated in the vehicle he had been monitoring, a male and a female. The man was seated at the driver’s side and making a phone call while the lady sat quietly beside him watching him from time to time.

He arranged his seat properly and paused to watch properly, waiting to see their next move. The man dropped the call and turned to speak to the lady beside him. Dave continued to watch keenly, wishing that he could hear what was being said.
His phone began to ring, Lizzy was calling.

‘Who’s she?’ Tomi asked immediately Cole ended the call.
‘I told you it’s none of your business,’ he shot a cold look at her.
She eyed him and turned forward, folding her arms across her chest. ‘Where are we going from here?’
‘We’re going to place a building under close observation,’ he replied briefly.
‘Which building?’
‘You’ll see it when we get there.’
‘Am I going there just to watch you work?’
‘No, you’re going to be assisting me of course.’
‘How come you aren’t telling me the details of what we’re going for then?’
‘It isn’t the right time, I’ll tell you when it is.’ Cole snapped at her. He turned on the screen of his phone and clicked on the messenger.
‘We’re out of the house, boss. Henry’s number is unreachable.’ he typed into the chat box with Tarasha.

‘Dave, he just called me.’ Lizzy’s voice sounded through the phone.

‘He called you? What did he say?’ Dave replied.
‘He asked where I was.’
‘And what did you tell him?’
‘I told him Goodluck Street, because I suspect he might be around and might have seen me.’
‘I think so too, because he just got into the car with a girl. You did well by telling him the right address.’
‘I see… Well, I wish you luck with him tonight. Hope the girl is not one of those girls he passes the night with else you’ll waste your time like it happened the other time.’

** 4.45am next morning**

The lights in the dark room suddenly came on again, brightening the whole place. The walls reflected lights from every angle and the ceiling beamed with different colours.

Henry’s eyes could not accommodate the light but he struggled to sit up from his sleeping position using the back of his hand to cover his eyes. The room was colder than it was at night and there were no sounds anywhere except for the movement of the walls and other mechanisms around.

Soon, the door which opened the way to the meal the previous day opened again and a man could be seen coming in from there. Henry saw his legs at first approaching him but looked up and saw his face with difficulty as the lights still obstructed his view.

Stainless stopped beside him and squatted, he placed a hand on his shoulder. Henry was already looking down.

‘Brother, I wan borrow you one money.’ Stainless began in Nigerian Pidgin English to get Henry’s attention. ‘See ehn, make I tell you one truth wey go help you.’ he continued and switched to correct English after being sure he had Henry’s attention. ‘Rex is ready to kill your mum if you don’t give out Tarasha to him and then he’s going to kill you after. If you really do want to help yourself, you should do whatever he says, he’s awake and would soon be talking to you.’

Stainless concluded and rose up without waiting for a response. He proceeded towards the door through which Henry had entered the last night, he tapped a button beside the door and waited for it to open.

‘Wait, can I speak to you for a second?’ Henry called unto him.

Stainless turned back but gave no reply, he turned back to the door and stepped out as soon as the door opened. Henry got up and walked to the door but it closed before he got there. He pushed the same button he had seen Stainless press and to his surprise he began to hear sounds of the door preparing to open like it happened with Stainless. The door opened widely and then he was left confused whether to go out or not. The day was still dark though there were lights outside everywhere, but he couldn’t see Stainless who had just gone out. The door was still opened. He took another look back again, there was no visible person watching him and nothing stopping him from going outside. He looked outside again to see if anyone was watching.

He took a step out, leaving one in and still contemplating on what to do. After about one minute of indecision, he stepped outside completely and climbed the balcony. He turned back on hearing a sound, it was the door closing by itself. It was too late to go back in.

He looked around and located his car, it was still parked at the same spot he left it the previous night. The rain began to drizzle on him as he proceeded towards the car.

‘Wake up Cole!’ Tomi shook Cole repeatedly on the shoulder.

‘Yes, did you see anything?’ Cole asked in a sleepy voice, taking her hand off his shoulder while she shook him. He had watched all night till three o’clock and decided to catch some sleep while Tomi took over guard. He was sure that he would be up before Tarasha arrives the place.
‘I saw Henry, he’s walking somewhere right now.’ she replied, looking out through the car window with a viewing device.

‘Henry?’ Cole sprang up at the sound of the name. ‘Where?’ he adjusted the driver’s seat back to position and collected the device from her. She gave space for him to also check what she was seeing. ‘He’s the one,’ Cole confirmed. They couldn’t see the face properly from the device because of the darkness of the day but they were able to tell it was him from the colour of his clothes and his stature. The drizzling rain made the vision become fainter.

‘So, what’s next?’ she asked, trying to move Cole’s body away from hers. He had a knee placed in between her lap and his side almost covering her face allowing for only very little air.
‘We have to wait and watch a little,’ Cole replied as he returned to his seat.
‘Wait and watch? Isn’t that all we’ve been doing overnight? I thought you said we would act immediately we see Henry come out.’
‘We can’t just do anything yet, we don’t know why he’s out and if anyone is watching our following him.’

‘I saw someone pass there some seconds before Henry came out but the person turned to the back of the house, it looked like Stainless, I’m not so sure.’

Cole leaned towards her again and used the viewing device the second time.
‘I’m sure the one we saw now is Henry, that’s the cloth he wore out of the house.’

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