Story: Tarasha – Season 2 – Episode 206

April 26, 2031.

Tarasha sq££zed his fingers as it touched her palm. It took him by surprise. He didn’t know she was awake and had been watching him as he walked towards her, leading his way with his phone’s screen backlight. She had noticed when he sat on the floor beside the sofa and was wondering what he was doing when he spent sometime there silently without doing anything.

‘So you’re awake?’ he said, raising his phone to see her face with the backlight.
‘Yes, why didn’t you switch on the light and why were you tiptoeing here like you wanted to steal something?’ she asked with a light tone.

He chuckled. ‘I didn’t want to wake you up,’ he said and tightened his fingers around hers. She pulled his arm across her body making it lay on her belly touching his b—–s slightly. He adjusted his seating position on the floor while she also turned towards him on three seater where she la!d. ‘So why are you not sleeping?’
‘I was sleeping,’ she replied. Their faces were close to each other’s.
‘Sleeping? But you saw me tiptoeing to you,’ he questioned.
‘Yes, you woke me when you got out of your room.’

Henry was confused for a moment. He had opened and closed his door as gently as he could and the door wasn’t even one that made noise when it wasn’t even handled gently.

His phone’s backlight went off and he could barely see Tarasha’s face in the darkness.
‘How did you know I was still here?’ she asked while Henry was still trying to turn on his phone’s screen again.

‘I’ve not slept, I’ve been waiting to hear you enter your room since but I never heard the sound of your door closing.’ Henry replied.

‘Well… I just wanted to think alone in the darkness, that’s why I turned off the light but then, I slept off.’ she explained.
‘But you said I woke you up when I stepped out of my room, how is that possible? I didn’t make any noise with the door,’ Henry asked.

‘It still made some very low sounds, especially when you closed it back.’
Henry tried to remember the manner at which he closed it. ‘I closed it gently,’ he argued.

‘The whole house is silent, I can hear the gentlest sound now. Even if the noises are from different sources, I can still differentiate where each is from, I did a course on that for three years.

Henry shook his head and smiled. A brief silence followed. The phone’s backlight switched off but he didn’t bother to turn it on again.

‘That man you came with, who is he?’ Henry asked.

‘He’s Dr Martin, he worked with Elvis Richards several years ago and he seems to know a lot of the man’s secret.’ Tarasha replied, after taking some seconds to consider whether it was time to tell him or not.
‘How did you get to meet him?’
‘I got him from my research on Elvis Richards, he was the one I went to look for in Anambra.’

‘And he agreed to come here with you?’
‘Yes, he did.’

Henry let out a breath, not really sure of what to talk about anymore.
‘I was scared of losing you, I thought I would never see you again when I heard the sounds of those gunshots that night.’ Henry said in a deeply terrified voice. ‘Thank God you’re alive but…’ he stopped and gave a gasp.

‘But what?’
‘So many innocent people died,’ Henry said in a sad tone and let out a very deep breath.

‘They had to die, I was attacked,’ Tarasha said defensively and sat up, she felt he was about to judge her again. ‘There was no way I could have left there without them going down.’

‘I know, I understand that they had to die. But I think is that we should avoid such situations from reoccurring,’ he said, turning on his phone’s backlight again. She had shifted away from him to the middle of the sofa while Henry remained at the edge with his hands on the armrest where she previously la!d her head.

‘I didn’t plan to fight or kill anybody there, the only ones I plan to kill remains Elvis Richards and Inspector Rikau. But anybody that comes in my way and leaves me without a choice will have to go too.’
‘But do you know we can do this without you having to kill?’ Henry asked thoughtfully. ‘Even Elvis Richards and the Inspector General.’

‘That’s not possible, I’ve told you several times that I ain’t gon take that sermon.’

‘It is very possible Tara,’ Henry insisted.
‘It isn’t,’ she argued.
‘Shh…’ Henry hushed, their voices were getting louder. He moved closer to her and positioned his elbows on her knees, he located her palms and held both in his. ‘Now, you said that man, the doctor that came home with you worked with Elvis Richards for several years.’

‘Yes, he worked with them.’ she replied, wondering what he was driving out. She tried to release her hands from his grip and fold them but he didn’t let her go.
‘And you also say he has so much information,’ Henry continued. He released one of her hands to take his phone, he turned on the flashlight and then placed the light to face up on the seat. He took her hand in his again.

‘Yes,’ she now folded her lips in and stared at him sternly.

‘Then, if we’re to go by the manner you said it, we should be able to get enough information from the man to bring these wicked men to justice.’

Tarasha shook her head at him. ‘How can you suggest that when you know that Elvis Richards can easily influence the court processes? The judiciary system here is still been control by the men at high places.’
‘I know, but we don’t have to take them to court directly.’

She stared at him without saying anything.
‘Now, for example, Inspector General Rikau was a major head of the terrorists that disturbed the nation several years ago. If we can get valid proofs of the man’s involvement from anywhere , then we can bring him down with that. If we also get valid proofs implicating the Vice President too, we can do the same with him.’
‘I still don’t understand how that is going to send them six feets down,’ she argued.
‘They would be killed or be forced to kill themselves especially if we make it in a way that none of them would be able to escape,’ Henry said. He paused to see if she understood him.

‘I still do not understand him.’
‘Simple, we can get the masses to also want them dead. That would force the system to judge them rightly but if that doesn’t happen, the cry of the masses can make international bodies come in.’
‘Hmm… So how do we make that happen?’
‘Easy, this is how…’


‘Good morning Sunshine, I can’t wait for us to be at my parents house together this afternoon.’

Cole’s heart skipped a beat as he read the message. He wasn’t scared of meeting her parent, he was only afraid that it wasn’t the right time to do it. He also knew he could be putting her life in danger by associating too much with her.

He wanted to send a reply immediately to cancel off the appointment but he stopped. He had already planned it to take place during a period that Tarasha won’t need him and also planned not to stay long at the place. There was no need to change his plans now, except if the boss needed him to do something unplanned for.

‘Good morning dear, I can’t wait too. Hope you slept well,’ he typed in a reply and clicked the enter button.

He dropped the phone beside the pillow and stretched for some seconds in the bed. He stopped as he realized something, he picked his phone again and opened the messaging app, it was actually the first time Patricia would be the first to send a message in the morning. Maybe she was loving him more, he thought. Or perhaps she was taking him more serious because he was now ready to visit her family. He drew in a breath and closed his eyes. He got some kind of encouragement to meet her parents more.

Her image formed in his thoughts. He fantasized about her smooth curves and sexy lips, how he wished he could just have a taste of her that morning. Maybe that day could be the day. They had planned to go to his new apartment together after leaving her house. That could be the opportunity he had been looking for to have a taste of her great body. Not that it mattered to him than she herself but he still longed for the opportunity.

His phone beeped in his hand again and he scrolled down to read her reply.


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