Story: Fake Fiancée – Season 1 – Episode 33

Even though I was a bit embarrassed that I had attacked Hudson Miller , a movie star, I was kind of glad he was here. Now I had a friend. I watched as Keith took a seat opposite me, next to Veronica, who was still eyeing Henry. Geez, he was going to get married and she still had to nerve to flirt with him! I felt like burning a hole in her pretty face.

Keith’s voice snapped me out of my angry thoughts of Veronica. “I knew I recognised you from somewhere,” he said, with a bit of a smirk on his gorgeous face. “Henry Parker’s fiancée … it was all over the tabloids, wasn’t it?”
I nodded slowly. “Yeah it was.”

After a few seconds of silence, I looked up at him with accusing eyes. “Why did you lie about your name? You told me your name was Keith .”

To this, he uncomfortably shifted in his seat. “Well … I didn’t want to say
‘I’m Hudson’ in case you recognised me as Hudson Miller the move star, so I told you I was Keith,” he explained. “And well, I wasn’t really lying. Keith is my middle name.”

I scoffed and picked at my king prawn salad. “Whatever. You still lied!”

Keith laughed at my immaturity. “You’ll get over it, I’m sure.”

“Can I still call you Keith though?” I asked with a grin. To me, he looked like a Keith, not a Hudson. The name Hudson just made him sound so …

Hollywood . And his personality was not really ‘Hollywood.’

Keith grinned at me. “Sure. Why not?”
The clearing of a throat jerked us both from our talking. I turned to Henry, who was glaring at Keith with his arms folded. “So Hudson, how do you know Lainie?”

I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing. Even though I was still a bit angry with Henry, he was so good at acting. Right now he looked like the perfect jealous over-protective fiancé.

Keith eyed Henry with amusement. “It’s actually a funny story,” he replied easily.

Peter, sitting at the head of the table leaned forward. “Well let’s here it then!”

So, for the next few minutes, Keith delightfully told everyone sitting around the table of how we met at the airport. My face was tomato red by the time he finished, and everyone was laughing at how hilarious it was.

“Charming story,” Henry said dryly. He didn’t seem pleased and Veronica too, whose eyes were criticising me.

“Lainie, that is a gorgeous dress you’re wearing,” she said, a fake smile suddenly plastered on her pretty face. I had a feeling where this was going.

“Thanks,” I replied flatly, to show I wasn’t interested in her games.

She continued on, ignoring the sharp tone of my voice. “Did you get it from Wal-Mart or something?”

Some people at the table went quiet, since they had heard Veronica’s snide comment, while others were totally oblivious and kept chatting animatedly. “Yeah, it is,” I lied, giving her my best angelic look. “I’m surprised you actually know what Wal-Mart is though!”

I heard Keith let out a chuckle along with Steve, and I could feel Henry smirking. No one messed with me. Veronica’s face had turned an angry shade of red. She didn’t say anymore to me, which was immensely satisfying. I mostly talked to Keith, Leonie and a young blonde haired actress whose name was Natasha. She was a bit shy but bubbly if you got to know her, and new to the world of film.

Henry seemed troubled throughout the whole dinner and loved to glare at Keith, who seemed not to notice. Since I didn’t talk to Henry heaps, Veronica was getting more intimate with Henry – leaning across the table and giving Henry a better view of the deep neckline of her slinky dress. I really felt like slapping her back to Slutville.

Did she have no self respect?

The fun night finished with Peter telling everyone filming started tomorrow, eleven am sharp. It turned out there were others staying at theRoyal Crystal, like Natasha, an actor whose name I had forgotten and Veronica. Yeah, hearing Veronica exclaim she was staying at Royal Crystal as well was like a punch in the gut.

She somehow managed to weasel her way into our limo too because right this instant, she was sitting across from me whispering something in Henry’s ear. I just sat there, fuming. She was such a pain – worse than my mother and that was saying something.

“How are you?” Steve asked in a low voice, sensing my irritation.

That made my eyes snap from Veronica to him. “Just peachy,” I muttered darkly, as I glared out of the tinted window.

He laughed under his breath at that, but continued to give me sympathetic looks throughout the ride. Why was he giving me those looks anyway? There was nothing wrong with me! Nothing! Veronica was just annoying as hell. That was it.

But something inside me told me that it wasn’t just it …

* * *

That’s right, you guessed it. I was still mad at Henry.

He had refused to tell me what was going on in his thick head and Veronica had asked if Henry could walk here to her hotel room for safety reasons. Safety my a-s! I bet she had tried to s£duce him, but I was sure Veronica and Henry hadn’t done anything, as he didn’t seem different around her.

My eyes flickered towards Veronica, who was sitting next to me looking every bit like a goddess. Her dark hair was half piled up on her head in a hazy cloud while the rest flowed down her bare back. Yep, her silky white summer dress was backless. I was pretty sure she was trying to impress Henry.

It didn’t help with my self esteem one bit. I looked like complete garbage sitting next to her.
We had arrived on set about ten minutes ago and it was a bit of a mess. I could hear Peter was shouting orders at some gangly boy with technical equipment and Steve enthusiastically telling Henry had made the right choice to starr in this film. Then, something horrible happened.
Veronica talked .

“You don’t seem like Henry’s type,” she commented, scrutinizing me from head to toe. It unnerved me. “He’s a bit of playboy isn’t it? He likes girls like …. me for instance.”

Arrogant much? Why in the world would she assume that? Oh right, because she was so stuck up that it was stupid. I turned to her and gave her a fake smile. “You’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a d–n.”

Veronica smirked, realising this was war. “Oh I’m sorry,” she replied sweetly. “I’m curious though …”

“Hurry up, you’re wasting my time,” I snapped, turning away.

“Don’t you need a license to be that unattractive?”

My jaw dropped at her insult. Unattractive? Seriously? I quickly tried to think of a comeback before I was the one who looked like a fool. “Are you talking to yourself in the mirror again?” I asked with an innocent face.

Veronica’s eyes flashed angrily, but before she could snap something, Keith sauntered over and said, “Veronica, it’s your turn for make up.”
I looked at her with a straight face and added, “You butter hurry! I mean, you really need it.”

After she angrily stomped away, Keith and I burst out laughing. God, it filled me with happiness to know that I was the one making Veronica angry. “You’re good,” Keith complimented, sitting down the chair Veronica had been sitting on.

“Thank you,” I answered. “Did you just come from having your make up done?”

He wrinkled his nose adorably and nodded. “Uh huh. How can you ladies stand the foundation though?” He asked. “It feels sticky.”
I shrugged. “Don’t ask me – I don’t wear foundation.”

Keith laughed. “Au’ naturel,” he said with an approving look on his face. “No guy wants to hug a girl and find foundation on their shirt or face or something …”

I laughed at that and wished I could witness that happening one day. Just as Keith was about to say something, Henry appeared out of the costume room looking like a god.

He somehow looked handsomer than ever before, with his dark windswept hair, his bronzed skin and his defined muscles showing through a light white shirt which was unbuttoned halfway and rolled up to his elbows.

His blank expression immediately turned into a murderous one when he spotted me with Keith. I didn’t get why he was seemed pissed off though; it wasn’t like he liked me.

My cheeks flushed as I realised I had been staring at him. I turned back to Keith pretending nothing had happened but he obviously knew who I had been staring at. His eyebrows were raised. “Your fiancé is a bit too protective.”

I shook my head. “No he’s not. He doesn’t care,” I quickly said.

“How come? He is your fiancé,” Keith reminded.

“Well … we’re not really on good terms right now,” I murmured, sneaking a peek at Henry, who was talking with some other pretty actress. God, did he really have to hit on other girls? We were engaged.

Realisation lit Keith’s face and he smiled. “Ahh I get it now. You two had a fight.”
My eyes flickered back to Keith. I knew it was alright to tell him these types of things. He was trustworthy and I was sure he wouldn’t go blabbing to the media about it so they could print some exaggerated article. “Yeah, but I don’t really want to talk about it,” I explained.

“And you want revenge on him right?” He asked.

My eyes widened. Revenge? “What?!”
He nodded and grinned. “Yeah. The jealousy game, you know? I’ve seen Veronica all over him and he kind of seems to return the attention. Don’t you want some revenge?”

What Keith pointed out irritated me. I didn’t like Henry but for some reason the thought of him and Veronica bothered me. I turned my full body towards Keith and grinned at him. “C’mon Keith. Let’s play the jealousy game.”

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