Stogie T Sends A Shout Out To Shane Eagle

Stogie T has proven many a times to be a rapper who recognizes talent and isn’t afraid to give praise to. Recently the Side Chick rapper sent a heartwarming shout out to fellow star Shane Eagle expressing proud disbelief at how he has transitioned from his music career.

“I can’t believe Shane Eagle from the Hustle is a grown ma with a vision and a career. This is a satisfying thought. Salute King,” wrote Stogie T. It didn’t take forever until Shane responded to the tweet.

“Salute Unk Stogie, y’all should get me as a judge on Season 3,” wrote the Yellow hit-maker. He was low-key requesting to be part of the SlikourOnLife yearly Verse Of The Year awards as a judge which is intended to give appreciation to rappers who dropped killers verses on their songs for the year. Shane Eagle has been busy touring the world with rapper Bas for this year, they even dropped a remastered joint for Apex.


Stogie T Sends A Shout Out To Shane Eagle 2

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