“Service the ones who support you,” -AewonWolf On Getting No Airplays

“Service the ones who support you,” -AewonWolf On Getting No Airplays. The case of artists getting no air-plays remains a big issue which some has led to beliefs that it is preventing a lot of artists from succeeding.

AewonWolf touched on the topic of airplay by complimenting how South Africa has so many great songs that are unfortunate enough to make it to the mainstream.”Damn there is some 🔥SA music out there that’s getting no plays in the mainstream,” wrote the … rapper

He added on by giving advice to the artists who haven’t received any air-plays by telling them that they must stick to servicing those who are supporting them.

“To those artists I beg, please don’t stop! The real ones will find you, it just might take time but don’t stop! Service the ones who support u with no hype cause they are your base and stay you,” he added.

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