Reason Deciphers Bars To His ‘July Freestyle’ Release

Reason Deciphers Bars To His ‘July Freestyle’ Release. Stogie T has once more come through with the name of the Verse Of The Month winner for July and it is none other the Azania boss, Reason.

Back in July Reason came through with a banging tune he titled July Freestyle which was too dope to turn a deaf ear to. What made the song even more interesting is that it was partly a diss delivery to his rival Flex Rabanyan.

In fact, it left so many people impressed all the way from the video, to the beats and the bars Reason just decoded to give fans a thorough insight to.

“Basically July Freestyle is a combination of two things. Half of it was written around the December time, and the other hald was written around July.

“The first 16 bars touched on two things that happened in December that are major, the slaughtering on Clifton Beach of a sheep, which is quite an interesting thing for me.”

To listen more into what he had to say, CLICK below to WATCH:

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