Nadia Nakai Mentions How She Draws Inspiration From Nasty C & Cassper

Nadia Nakai Mentions How She Draws Inspiration From Nasty C & Cassper. Bragga is hellbent on growing her fan base and for her that means following into the footsteps of people who have a huge & effective following of fans.

The femcee stated how she is working to get to the level of having fans as loyal as the ones of Cassper & Nasty C. Being part of Nasty C’s Ivyson tour gave Nadia an experience of learning more on ways to grow her fan base.

“You know why I love being on the Ivyson tour wrote Nadia “1- learning a lot on how they put that show together from promo to final day. 2- I feel like when I perform for that crowd I’m working towards growing my own supporters. For me, performing on that stage is me showcasing me.”

Her conclusion from all this was that the fans of Cassper & Nasty C are exactly what she wants for herself.

“Nasty and Cassper fans are so dope and loyal, that when they ask thier fans to support something, they do! THATS what I want,” she added.

This isn’t the first time Nadia expressed how she draws inspiration from both rappers. A few months back on her trip to Nigeria she mentioned how when she introduced herself to people they asked about Nasty C and Cassper.

“They really love Cassper and Nasty C here! They be like “you from SA!?” You know Nasty and Cassper!? I can’t wait to get on the level where they asking other artists about me,” she wrote.

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