Moozlie, Rouge & Gigi Open Up About The Challenges They’ve Faced As Female Rappers

Being a woman trying to worm your way into the male dominated space always becomes a hassle, but women are doing it anyways these days and are slowly making breaking boundaries a norm. A same thing can be said about female rappers who managed to be part of Hip Hop as more than just vixens.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan publication three of the biggest female rappers in the country Moozlie, Roouge and Gigi opened up about the challenges they have faced as women trying to squeeze their way into the male dominated industry.

“I think we’ve been really flipped the script when it comes to pioneering the Hip Hop industry, the hip hop game in the South African context.’ – Gigi Lamayne.

“There will be type of conversation on what type of music we should be making and how we should be looking and it’s always from male conversations. At the end of the day it’s really about me and staying true into the type of artist i want to be.’ – Rouge.

“It was really difficult to persuade people to take me seriously but i realized it wasn’t an issue that was specific to me, it was pretty much because i had a vagina. A lot of people genuinely hate on females that are really trying to make hip hop music.” – Moozlie.


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