Kwesta’s ‘Vur Vai’ Character Earns A Newspaper Slot Weekly

Kwesta’s ‘Vur Vai’ Character Earns A Newspaper Slot Weekly! It seems Kwesta’s 2018 hit single Vur Vai has solidified its place in South African history.

The rapper created a character Vur Vai who he painted as a super hero for the hood in the music video for the song. It was one of the biggest Hip Hop singles from last year which topped charts and reached over a million views on Youtube after a month of the audios release with no video.

Kwesta has decided to take it a step further and has created an animation series for the Daily Sun newspaper which will appear weekly on Wednesday’s.

“I forget things sometimes.. Please check out #CaptainVurvai on @dailysunsa every Wednesday @Robot_Boii,” tweeted Kwesta along with the pictures of the article.

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