K.O And Rouge On Collaboration Plans

In Hip Hop most of the best songs are created when rappers join forces with the aim of giving out some killer joints. A good collaboration also means good relations that means less beefs with all the competition that’s going on.

Most people would agree just how twitter has been working out best for Rouge lately, at first she posted how she loves Ford car brand and to her luck the company responded proposing a collaboration of some sort. Recently she posted how she would love to work with K.O and to her surprise the rapper seemed all ready and geared up to work with her aswell.

“I gotttta work with @MrCashtime,” Rouge.

“Where do I sign 🖊 I’m in!,” K.O.

Rouge shared her desire to work with Mr Cashtime after showering praise to his new hit single Supa Dupa that is getting everyone dancing and singing along the way it is lit. Now there’s no telling what these two talented rappers might come up with but knowing their abilities, one can only expect fire.

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