Former Young Money Rapper Receives Two Lifetime Sentences

Earlier this week the fate of the former Young Money rapper who goes by the name Mr Brazy Flow was sealed when he was sentenced with two lifetimes behind bars.

Earlier this year reports emerged that Flow allegedly shot and killed two men with unlicensed guns. Prosecutors say that Flow, 27, killed the brothers in retaliation because he thought they stole $8,000 and two guns from his girlfriend’s car a week earlier.

Flow denied being part of the shooting even after he had provided the police with contradicting statements that nullified validation to his claims.

“I am glad that you were a sloppy murderer, I’m glad that we received closure, because that’s most something most families don’t. I will never know the real reason you chose to kill our boys. and that hurts my soul,” said the mother of the two boys Flow was convicted Killing.

Flow signed to Young Money Entertainment in 2012, and made his first appearance on record with Lil Wayne on the song “Inkredible (Remix),” off the 2011 mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait.

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