Bongani Fassie Contemplates Rejoining Jozi Once Again

Bongani Fassie who has been silent in music for quite some time but was a big deal when he was part of Hip Hop group Jozi has shared how he was asked to rejoin the team once again.

Bongani comes from a musical background that earned various abilities when it comes to music, from writing to rapping and producing. In fact, Bongani produced most of the hit songs from the group Jozi. The members of the group included Ishmael, Da L.E.S and Bongani.

Last year their former label boss Lance Stehr announced that the group reunieted and that they will be dropping a single which never came through. Speaking to TshisaLIVE at the time Da L.E.S said that he was focused on his solo projects after they failed to make a show they were booked for.

“What really happened was that there was supposed to be a concert, an OG’s concert. Jozi was booked for the show. We were going to do the show and take it from there, but for now, I am working on my own projects. I am working on other collaborations now,” said Da Les.

It seems the team might be getting back together judging from Bongani’s latest tweet but there’s assurance yet since Fassie is unsure of what decision to make.

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