AKA’S TMB Just Went Double Platinum & He Says He Doesn’t Give A “F**K About It”

Each day comes as a surprise from rappers, AKA has just revealed that his album Touch My Blood has gone double platinum but he is not moved about that at all.

Touch My Blood is the most successful album AKA has ever dropped in his career, to prove that it went double platinum and has been nominated at the SAMAs25 in the category of Best SA Hip Hop Album.

Dropped last year the album continues to be every hip hop fan’s favorite. Included in TMB are three of his biggest singles Beyonce, Fela In Versace & Jika. Of course his successes go beyond just going platinum but claiming that he doesn’t give a “F**k” about such achievement comes as a shock.

At first this is what he said : “Anyways. TMB is now double platinum, officially. Whoopedy fuckin’ doo.” Then followed with “I don’t mean to be ungrateful man, but TMB just went double platinum and I don’t really even give a proper fuck about it. That’s messed up.” he wrote.

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