AKA Shades Cassper’s Beef With Prince Kaybee, Black Twitter Roasts Him

AKA threw shades on Cassper’s beef with Prince Kaybee and tweeps dragged him like wolves would to a piece of steak, he was told to mind his drinking water diet.

Supa Mega announced that he will be using Twitter for 8 minutes per day and called it a water based diet of minding his own business. When he decided to share a penny for his thoughts which was shade on the ongoing beef of Cassper and Prince, people came at him from all corners.

“Women settle their issues like men, more frequently than actual men these days.

“When all those Men are trash hashtags pop up … it’s the ones who make the most noise that are the most trash … isn’t that obvious?” he added.

Here’s how Tweeps roasted him:

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